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Our Offer

QAM System Ltd. offers a reliable and comprehensive consulting and training support throughout Poland in the field of :

Planning and implementation of Management Systems:

Monitoring and improving existing management systems:

  • Acting as Management System Representative - comprehensive monitoring, maintenance and improvement of the Customer Management System
  • Internal audits - conducting internal audits at the Customers’ company in order to identify potential “bottlenecks” and strong points
  • Documentation audits - conducting documentation audits of the Customer in order to reduce bureaucracy and streamline workflow
  • External Audits - active participation in external audits on Customers’ request
  • Integration of Management Systems

Conducting internal audits:

  • zero audit - the aim of the audit is to assess the specificity of the company and its processes
  • Follow-up audit - the aim of the audit is to assess if the requirements of the standards are met before conducting the certification audit, supervision audit or recertification audit
  • Conformity assessment audit - the aim of the audit is to assess the degree of meeting Polish legal requirements in the following areas: environmental protection, occupational health and safety, safety of healthy nutrition or security of personal data
  • Monitoring of post-audit activities - cooperation with the Customer in defining and implementing corrective and / or preventive actions


  • Implementation of trainings on the requirements of the standards
  • Implementation of trainings for internal auditors
  • Implementation of trainings for Management Systems Representatives
  • Implementation of dedicated trainings